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The industry invests strength to increase ecbolic project machine to be tasted n
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From the near future industry of machinery of a few projects appears on the market the annual report that the company publishs can see, 2006, in technical innovation and respect of new product research and development each enterprise increased investment strength, and results quite abundant.
The agitate car new product that for instance development of astral horse car gives priority to with homebred batholith 26, declare new product of bulk cement car and semi-trailer 16; Ability of Xu engineering course finishs new product to develop 28, old product improves 18; Crane of pedrail of new product of 31 heavy industry had formed 50 ~ dimensions of product of 400 tons of series; Couplet heavy division is to finish new product to develop more in 100 multinomial.
This one phenomenon makes clear, product innovation capacity is insufficient -- , this perplexes domestic project machine all the time the old problem that the company develops, all the more that creates a company in project machine takes seriously below, produced a few change that deserve attention.
Large pedrail crane: A new force suddenly rises
Below the double temptation of huge market demand and huge profit, in recent years, more and more home companies devote into the research and development at large pedrail crane and production, ability of research and development and productivity also got promotion. Introduce according to relevant expert, in last few years domestic company is passed hard, already was at present in 300 tons of the following pedrail crane markets turn an inferior position, rise first half of the year from 2005, home imports the amount of crane of 300 tons of the following pedrail to begin acute to decrease, but the market of large pedrail crane of 300 tons of above still is held by foreign manufacturer.
Delectable is, dig in order to stroke, 31 heavy industry and in the company of domestic dominant position that couplet riverside Yuan is a delegate already began to in crane of big tonnage pedrail launchs strong attack.
By 2006, couplet weighs crane of division QUY600 pedrail to be versed in in the couplet in Changsha science and technology develops garden of industry of grain of Inc. the foot of mountain to get offline smoothly again in, this is the large pedrail crane that stage of our country head has completely own intellectual property. To market of large pedrail crane, its come out have great sense.
Li Weixiong tells the senior engineer that participates in research and development of QUY600 pedrail crane the reporter, development of success of this pedrail crane indicates the enterprise begins an our country the domain of pedrail crane product in 400 tons of above serves as somewhat, those who realized product of this one grade is homebred change, this also means crane of pedrail of our country large hydraulic pressure to depend on the situation of the entrance completely to will be broken.
Li Weixiong says, couplet heavy division began to develop QUY600 pedrail crane in August 2005 in, its remove heavy height to be 138 meters, 190 meters can be achieved below tower type operating mode, weight is close to 1000 tons, weight lifting is highest can amount to 600 tons, it may be said is at present homebred pedrail crane ranks first " energetically god " . The development of QUY600 pedrail crane was solved " mixed operating mode reachs crane of big tonnage pedrail exceed an operating mode " , "Automata technology " , "Train in excess specified length, super- big the design of jib of material of sectional, high strenth canal, solder with treatment " , "The old structural member such as revolving stage, frame, pedrail wearing is thick board solder technique " wait for difficult problem of multinomial and great scientific research, exceeded crane of big tonnage pedrail to offer to will be developed henceforth draw lessons from and experience.
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