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Ability of profit of industry of lumber of exhausted mild steel of rolled steel
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Domestic and international economy grows before 2008 3 quarters to all appear to put delay sign apparently, rolled steel demand is fatigued and weak, and steely crop also is adjusted subsequently, global iron and steel is overall be in trends of supply and demand to balance position. 2008 1 to in September, price of domestic steel products first Yang Houyi, reflected the effect that the metabolic place of state of supply and demand brings adequately. We think, industry profit ability reachs culmination in 2 quarters, 3 quarters rolled steel depreciates degree is more than cost callback extent, industry profit ability is weakened.

At present appraise of PE of our country steely industry, PB is worth a level to already all was close to calendar year nadir, also be worth a level under estimate of industry of nation of international great majority, board piece appraise value is more sufficient already.

Reflected a trade main area changes, adjust pressure lesser. The four seasons spends bearing of steely trade situation to will continue to drop, steel price goes sign is not hopeful, gain ability still may be adjusted, but adjust adequately already because of appraise value, property price already was underestimated apparently, value has been underestimated. We give an industry to buy grade, but value regression process may need time, investor needs to keep patient.